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Aluminum Flagpoles: Benefits

Aluminum Atlantic Flagpole have become very popular because they are light, sturdy, flexible, and affordable. These flagpoles are ideal for commercial and residential use and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and styles, including those up to eighty feet long. A aluminum flagpole can withstand all weather conditions and show little wear. Aluminum flagpoles come in one-piece and telescoping options. You can choose from a variety colors such as black, natural or dark bronze. The best choice for you and your company is the color that complements your home. Mild detergent is recommended for poles that get dirty.

Aluminum flagpoles can either be rigged with an external or internal system of halyards.

External systems have the rope or other rigging outside the pole. Although this is an established system, it is susceptible to vandalism and can sometimes be noisy when the winds blow.

Internal systems keep equipment safe and quiet on the inside. The halyard can only be accessed via a hatch located near the base. This option is more expensive.

For aluminum flagpoles to remain in the ground, they should be securely rooted in concrete foundations and a groundsleeve. Your flag should not extend beyond forty percent of your pole’s height.

Make sure you lock the aluminum sections together when purchasing a telescoping flagpole. This will ensure stability even in high winds.