Flying to Canada Here are 5 Tips for What to Expect when You Get There

Are you thinking about traveling to Canada sometime soon? Many people go to Canada not knowing what to expect. Some are so confused they don’t understand what Canada is all about. Today, I’m going give you some tips on how to make your Canada visit more enjoyable. Ensure your visit to Canada from the UK is a smooth, enjoyable experience please read on ETA Canada Visa on the new Electronic Travel Authorisation requirements for air travelers.

Expect to be able to communicate in multiple languages. Canada’s official languages are English and French. It is a requirement that everything in Canada must be available in both official languages. This includes Canadian airlines, airport signs and customer service personnel. Expect to be greeted both in English or French if you talk to an agent at the airport. This is particularly true if the destination you’re traveling to is in Canada’s eastern regions.

Asking for help is a good idea. Canadians tend to be very polite, so don’t be surprised if they ask for your assistance. Most Canadians are happy to provide directions or suggestions about what attractions you should see. It’s still a smart idea to have an idea of where your destination is before you even arrive.

Canadian security is not as meticulous as the United States. Security measures in Canadian airports have been greatly improved since 9/11. However, they still aren’t up to the standard of what American travelers experience. Canadian security procedures are much more flexible and less comprehensive than those in the US. On the flip side, if someone does something to make you seem suspicious, they’ll treat you no differently than travelers in the United States. Canadian security uses the same equipment and scanners as in the US.

Avoid using currency exchanges in Canadian international airports. It’s best to exchange currency in Canada at a bank. There are significant fees charged by currency exchange kiosks at airports. Banks are often found in areas with international airports, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Montreal. Even better, getting your currency exchanged in Canada before entering the country would benefit you. You don’t need to navigate to find a bank.

Customs are easy if prepared. Canada’s customs process is simpler than in the United States. As long as your documentation is correct, everything should go smoothly. However, a valid passport is necessary to travel back to the US. Without a passport, you won’t be permitted to enter the US. A passport is essential for any Canadian traveler. It will make your journey much more enjoyable and reduce the amount of hassle required to cross the border.

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