The Growth Of Mobile Storage In The Self Storage Industry

Australian self storage is growing at a rapid pace, with the industry experiencing double-digit growth over recent years. In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, self storage industry owners are looking for new ways to provide value to clients and to offer superior services. Mobile storage is a new market segment that has caught the attention of many. Mobile Storage originated in the United States back in the 1990s. It has continued to grow in popularity. Mobile storage involves having a portable storage unit shipped to your residence or business, then having it picked-up again and taken to a storage facility after you have filled it up. Mobile Storage companies usually offer professional packers or movers to help you move your belongings. This can help to reduce stress and ease the process of moving.

In fact, self storage is one of the few industries that continues to grow in the recession. This is because many businesses are downsizing as well as homeowners moving. Self storage is a very valuable service, both during difficult times and times of growth. This includes times when families expand and businesses require additional storage to keep up with their business growth. One of the most exciting developments in self-storage market growth is the rise and development of a more price sensitive market. Up until recently, most self-storage businesses offered similar services and most consumers chose their storage providers based upon where they are located. Segmentation and new innovations such as mobile storage have given consumers more choices and made it easier to get value for money.

Mobile storage allows consumers to avoid having to pick their self storage provider based upon their location. They can store their items at locations that are cheaper, such as in areas with lower storage costs. Therefore mobile storage isn’t necessarily more expensive. Mobile storage can save you money by saving the time it takes to pack and move the items or having someone else do it. Because they charge storage fees, mobile storage companies can offer moving services at a reduced price. Mobile storage companies are also further along the experience curve of consumers than moving companies. This means they can be more cost-efficient. Mobile storage represents an important innovation, not only in terms of convenience and price, but also in the overall efficiency in the market.

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